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How A Dog Created Boundaries?

In the quaint village of Pawville, there lived a charismatic dog named Max.

Max had a unique talent — he could understand and communicate with humans including hard headed CEOs.

Anyway, this extraordinary ability made him quite popular among the villagers, who sought his advice on everything from relationships to recipes.

One day, the mayor of Pawville, Mrs. Pawsington, approached Max with a request. “Max, dear friend,” she began, “I need your wisdom to help me manage the chaotic town meetings.

People talk over each other, and it’s becoming unbearable!”

Max listened intently, his tail wagging thoughtfully. “Mrs. Pawsington,” he said with a wink, “what you need are some well-defined boundaries. Just like the fence you built that keeps me from pooping in your yard.”

The mayor’s eyes lit up with realization. “You’re absolutely right, Max! Boundaries are the key.” She called for an emergency town meeting and announced new rules — a person could speak only after turning around 5 times while holding a full cup of coffee.

Interruptions were strictly forbidden.

Perpetrators would be forced to watch the new Gal Galdot movie “Heart of Stone.” (twice)

The next meeting was a revelation.

As villagers comically turned around spilling minimal coffee they expressed their thoughts clearly and respectfully, giving everyone a chance to be heard.

The chaos transformed into a symphony of orderly discussions.

Word of Max’s sage advice spread, and soon he was the go-to consultant for boundary-related matters.

Couples sought his guidance on their loveless marriages and single people wanted tips on navigating the perils of Tinder. Even the local bakery asked for help in managing portion sizes for their gluten free recipes.

And so, the village of Pawville learned a valuable lesson from a wise dog named Max — that setting boundaries was not just a rule, but a powerful tool for a fulfilling life.

The moral of the story: Everyone needs boundaries Everyone needs a dog like Max

Burning questions you might have: Is there a point to this story? Does Pawville actually exist? Does Pawville have a “Rico” act?

In all seriousness you should check out the serious version of this post:

“What Are Boundaries?”

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