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A sense of humor is required - LINKY LAND

In a world far, far away, there was a magical place called "Streets of LinkedIn."

This was a place where all the world's professionals gathered to network, share knowledge, and brag about their latest accomplishments.

The streets were paved with gold, or so it seemed, and every storefront was a high-end business or consultancy.

You couldn't walk down the street without tripping over a CEO, a thought leader, or an influencer.

The air was thick with the sound of self-promotion, as everyone tried to outdo each other with their latest success stories.

As you continue strolling down the avenues, you'll see people of all professions and industries, from tech gurus to energy vampires, all vying for your attention.

You'll be bombarded with a sea of posts, updates, and articles, all promising to change your life with their invaluable insights and advice.

But be warned, not all streets of LinkedIn are created equal.

Here are some of the streets you might encounter on your journey through LinkedIn:

The Avenue of Humble Brags - This Street is filled with people who can't resist bragging about their accomplishments while trying to disguise it as humble self-deprecation. "I'm just a regular guy who happened to win the Nobel Prize plus my dog died," they'll say, as you roll your eyes and keep rolling until you get a migraine.

The Alley of Endless Endorsements - Here, you'll find people who will endorse you for anything and everything, regardless of whether they actually know anything about your skills or not. They proceed to get angry at you for not reciprocating!

The Crossroad of Inspirational Quotes - This Street is filled with inspirational quotes and motivational posters, designed to get you pumped up and ready to take on the world.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts!" you'll read, as you take a deep breath and prepare to conquer your day.

Despite the occasional roadblock, the streets of LinkedIn are filled with opportunity and potential. So keep walking, keep networking, and who knows? You might just find your dream job or your next big client around the corner.

One more note -amid all the posturing and one-upmanship, there is a sense of weird camaraderie among the residents of Streets of LinkedIn.

Nah not really bruh! 🤣

And with that realization, they all lived happily ever after – or at least until the next algorithm change.

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