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Neela K Singh

About Me

Bringing Sunny (and spicy) Optimism to Startup Success

I'm Neela, bringing a vibrant spirit and 20+ years expertise to startup founders and leaders from Irvine, California.


Though I hail originally from the tropical shores of Trinidad & Tobago, these days you can find me helping Technology entrepreneurs transform ideas into thriving businesses.

The sobering statistics show nearly 90% of startups fail within a few years, often from preventable miscues. Yet having guided dozens of rapid-growth companies to weather those stormy first years, I remain passionately convinced every founder's vision can take flight with the right support.

Where many advisors focus solely on technical insights, I infuse emotional intelligence and radical empathy into the consulting process too.


Because sustainable success requires more than mastery of metrics alone. It's founded on clarity of purpose, genuine connection to audiences, and bold belief in one's offering despite the inevitable storms.

My superpower is helping clients align their expertise with business fundamentals and executive essentials alike to avoid common pitfalls.


If you seek an optimistic and strategic thought partner devoted to converting founders' dreams into reality, I'm here to help your startup not only survive but truly thrive.

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