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Explain LinkedIn To A 5 Year Old

Hey there, little buddy! Do you know what LinkedIn is? Well, it’s like a really big playground for grown-ups.

Let me explain!


You know how you have friends at school, right? Well, grown-ups have friends too, but we call them “connections.”

On LinkedIn, people can connect with their friends, colleagues, and other people they know. It’s a way for them to stay in touch and help each other out for something in return. Kid pro quo.

But it’s not just about making friends. On LinkedIn, grown-ups can also share things they are really good at.

The stuff they learnt on Udemy from the week before.

LinkedIn is such a magical place where you can pretend to be ANYTHING you want!

Now, imagine you have a special box where you keep all your drawings, stories, and things you’re proud of.

LinkedIn is that special box for grown-ups, but instead of drawings, they keep things like their resumes, work experiences and too many 10x guides.

A 10x guide is like grandma’s cookies — magical and gives you warm fuzzies inside.

And you know how sometimes you get to dress up for special occasions? Well, on LinkedIn, grown-ups can also put on their “work clothes” too.

Except these work clothes are not like the ones auntie Karen wears at church.

That’s why LinkedIn is for adults and not babies like you.

LinkedIn also has a playground to roll around and make friends. It’s a special place where grown-ups can talk to each other via something called “events”, except there is no PBJ sandwiches there.

Watch out for those silly monsters!

Gosh, so many monsters!

They try to copy what other people do and say, without giving credit.

They also show up in your DMs like a boogieman and start asking for your phone number and where you live. Remember, what I said about strangers? I hope that helps you understand what LinkedIn is all about, little buddy!

Can’t wait for you to join LinkedIn when you’re 40!

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