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How I View Money!

If you’re battling with your money mindset, I’ve got a spicy perspective to share with you… In my world, money holds immense potential, seemingly boundless in its reach. I have a special appreciation for money because I hail from the land of penny-pinching and tight budgets. 😄 On the other hand, TIME, in all its preciousness, is undeniably limited — the most finite resource I possess.


Here’s the really interesting part: enhancing my money mindset doesn’t require an intense adoration for money itself.

I don’t need to worship money.

Instead, I can shift my focus and cultivate a deep appreciation for time!

Recognizing that money is just a tool helps me reclaim my time like the precious jewel that it is.

For instance, spending time with loved ones holds great significance to me, so I employ my financial resources to travel.

✈ Travel the world!

✈ Travel to Trinidad! (That’s where ALL my family live btw)

But travel is expensive ASF!


This part is really important: It is essential to acknowledge that using money to regain time isn’t a privilege that everyone has. It is a luxury accessible to some, but NOT to all. I imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to cherish their time, regardless of financial means. A girl can dream right? In the meantime you can help me advocate for fair wages, support policies that value work-life balance, and foster a culture that rewards time spent rather than time wasted

Money is like a magical time machine, propelling us forward or slowing us down on the journey of life. It’s as if each dollar we earn is a precious coin that grants us access to additional hours, minutes, and seconds. Just as a carpenter uses tools to construct a masterpiece, we use money as a tool to shape our own existence.
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