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Who Should Be Your First C-Suite Hire?

Don’t hire for the company you have today. Hire for the company you want to build tomorrow.

Starting a startup can feel like a commune, where everyone wears multiple hats and does a little bit of everything. Founders might find themselves playing HR or customer service roles while trying to perfect their core product.

But as the company grows and scales, it becomes clear that specialists are needed. That’s when it’s time to start building your C-suite.

Don’t wait until your startup resembles a scene from Lord of the Flies 😂 to hire a Chief People Officer.

While it’s true that founders may have to juggle various responsibilities, unless your aim is to govern in chaos, it’s wise to recruit someone capable of nurturing a positive company culture right from the start.

Consider hiring the CPO as your top priority. People skills are like gold in the startup world, and a CPO can help you strike it rich.

Don’t just hire any suit and tie, make sure they can ADD to your company vibe! ✔ Culture Add ❌ Culture Fit See my post on the same -

When it comes to building the rest of your executive team, it’s all about finding the right birds for the right height of tree.

Your C-suite should be the ones who are equipped to soar above the day-to-day details and map out the big picture.

BEWARE: at the early stages, those birds might need to get their wings a little dirty in the weeds of the business.

Just make sure you’re hiring for the right altitude at the right time.

Also, be prepared to do some serious seducing. 🤣

Some of these candidates are often happily ensconced in their current jobs, sipping coffee and staring out the window.

Reel ’em in with irresistible bait on your hook.

Assembling a stellar C-suite team is only half the battle.

Once they’re in place, you still need to manage their egos, delegate effectively, and avoid decision-making gridlock.

But hey, those are the kinds of problems that successful companies face anyway. Right?

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