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FACT — The “cost savings” From Layoffs Won’t Be Realized If Companies Mismanage The Layoff Process.

The offer of severance packages and outplacement assistance to terminated employees is wonderful, but it neglects the most important group; the survivors.

You have to keep the surviving employees engaged and productive, or your company won’t ever recover.

People often believe that after a layoff or downsizing, the surviving employees will work harder and be more productive because they’re grateful to still have a job.

But as this study shows, the opposite is usually true: ▶ 74% of employees who kept their job amidst a corporate layoff say their own productivity has declined since the layoff. ▶ 69% say the quality of their company’s product or service has declined since the layoffs. ▶ 87% of surviving workers say they are less likely to recommend their organization as a great organization to work for. ▶ 64% of surviving workers say the productivity of their colleagues has also declined. ▶ 81% of surviving workers say the service that customers receive has declined. ▶ 77% of surviving workers say they see more errors and mistakes being made. ▶ 61% of surviving workers say they believe their company’s future prospects are worse.

My experience has shown that organizations, regardless of size, are never prepared for layoffs.

As a leader, you must understand how to conduct a layoff with candor and compassion, as well as know how to manage your remaining workforce following a layoff in order to reduce survivors’ guilt. ➡ Managers NEED to be highly visible to their staff. ➡ Managers NEED to be approachable. ➡ Managers NEED to be transparent and candid in order to build trust.

If your company has to conduct a layoff, it is imperative that you do the following BEFORE: ✅ Train your managers how to both manage that process and deal with the highly debilitating aftermath. ✅ Leaders need to know how to manage people, how to increase employees’ coping skills, how to motivate employees and provide morale support.

⚠ If you don’t your culture will die. ⚠ If you don’t your brand will suffer!

Layoffs are never pleasant for either party, as I’ve been through several of them.

I was always the employee left behind! I’ve never felt grateful or happy.

There was ALWAYS guilt, overwork, and a feeling of anxiety that I might soon be next.

Do better!!!!!

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