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We Break The Things We Need Later!

Favikon List When this thing first hit the scene, I was clueless. I didn’t know what it was. However, one thing immediately caught my attention — it was as if the top 10 were missing a certain something… or rather, someone: women!

My temper started boiling, but my curiosity got the best of me, so I delved deeper into the numbers.

And guess what? It wasn’t their fault! It was ours!

You see, this list was concocted using all sorts of fancy-schmancy reactions, likes, and followers. We were the obedient followers, the trigger-happy likers, the hyper reactors, and yes, the complainers too.

ABOUT FAVIKON LIST (Top 200 creator/influencer list specific to LinkedIn)


The Allure of Shiny Objects In our ever-evolving world of technological wonders, we often find ourselves bewitched by the desire for the latest gadgets, tech marvels, and shiny gizmos. We willingly line up for hours, eagerly anticipating the release of the newest smartphone.

But let’s think about this: did we, the brilliant beings of this world, inadvertently summon the advent of AI?

Imagine humanity, with its insatiable curiosity and burning ambition for progress, prodding and poking the boundaries of knowledge. We tinker, we experiment, and we dream of creating something truly extraordinary.

And boom, AI emerges from the depths of our collective imagination.

Yes, indeed, human ingenuity played a pivotal role.

It’s a strange form of self-sabotage, a reminder that our desires don’t always align with our abilities to care for them.


Societal Systems We love to criticize political institutions and bemoan the bureaucratic red tape, don’t we?

We rally against the machine, demanding change, all the while blissfully ignoring our own contributions to the very problems we’re trying to fix. We break the systems with our collective indifference, only to grumble about the consequences of our own actions or lack thereof.


Leadership & Hiring It’s a fascinating paradox how we embrace broken leadership. We turn a blind eye, nodding along like bobble-heads as these so-called leaders stumble through sketchy decision-making and bad behavior.

And then, when chaos ensues and everything starts resembling a circus, we suddenly awaken from our slumber and complain, lamenting the very leadership we once blissfully ignored.

Let’s not forget about the hiring process on BOTH sides — ugh! We watch as the broken gears of this machinery churn, accepting mediocrity with a shrug. Deep down, we know it’s flawed, but we play along, pretending it isn’t until it directly affects us.

So, why do we find ourselves trapped in this whimsical cycle?

Maybe it’s our insatiable thirst for chaos that keeps life interesting. Or maybe it’s a reflection of our flawed human nature — a perpetual quest for something better, even if it means inadvertently sabotaging our own well-being.

I accept responsibility for all of it — do you?

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