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Trolls give me anxiety!

ONLY for a short while.

37 seconds to be exact!

These are the random things that go through my mind!

Cue Metallica (Enter Sandman) and the eye-roll.

• Googles "How to deal with trolls without losing your sanity?"

• Should I reply with a "u mad bro?" GIF... or not?

• Rookie move that triple exclamation point attack!!!

• Conjures Michelle Obama “when they go low….” speech

• Should I offer them a virtual snack – trolls get hangry too, right?

• Respond to troll's negativity with a GIF of a unicorn farting a rainbow (ultimate power move btw)

• Channel my inner Gandalf? "You shall not pass... with your nonsensical arguments!"

• I hate social media.

• I love social media.

• Note to self: always keep a bag of popcorn handy.

• You shall not enter my garden of Zen

• Empathy seeps in

• Anxiety ends!

Warning: Attempting to use logic against a troll may result in cognitive dissonance explosions.

Let’s be serious for a second!

You see, in my life I've faced some really sh*tty setbacks.

So, when an anonymous harbinger of gloom comes along, I automatically put it into perspective.

Compared to those setbacks I've experienced, their negativity barely registers as a blip on my radar.

In fact, I feel a deep sense of empathy.

After all, not everyone has access to good coffee, 🍄 or hugs.

Isolate & eradicate!

Move on! 😉

Also, for the love of french fries, can we STOP trolling jobseekers.

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