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The Turbulent Mind Of A Jobseeker

A jobseeker must often jump through many hoops in order to find a job.

. Optimize your profile . Level up your skills . Expand your network . Remain flexible

Blah blah blah!

Now don’t get me wrong, much of this advice is genuinely helpful and comes from a good place.


We can’t turn a blind eye to the presence of bias and ageism.

The reality is you can jump through 1000 hoops and still NOT win a prize.

So what do jobseekers think about?


Self-doubt and Identity Crisis

For many jobseekers, the period of unemployment can trigger a cascade of self-doubt and an existential crisis of identity. The nagging question of “Who am I without a job?” looms large, eroding confidence and stirring up anxieties about self-worth.

Feelings of inadequacy can seep into their thoughts, making it challenging to stay motivated and focused on the job search process.


✨ Financial Anxiety

One of the most pervasive concerns plaguing the unemployed is financial anxiety. The constant worry about making ends meet, paying bills, and sustaining oneself and their families can create a cloud of stress that lingers over every decision.

Thoughts about the future become imbued with uncertainty, intensifying the pressure to secure employment.


The Dichotomy of Hope & Despair

Jobseekers often teeter between hope and despair, navigating the emotional seesaw as they encounter a series of rejections and occasional glimmers of opportunity. Each rejection letter or unsuccessful interview can dent their confidence and trigger a sense of hopelessness.

Yet, they must summon the strength to persist and continue applying, reminding themselves that their worth is not defined solely by their employment status.


✨ Constant Self-Improvement To stand out in a fiercely competitive job market, unemployed jobseekers are constantly engaged in self-improvement. Their minds are consumed with thoughts of upskilling, professional development, and honing their existing skills.

They scour job boards and industry resources determined to remain relevant and enhance their employability. This pursuit of growth is a testament to their resilience and determination.


The Emotional Toll of Social Comparison

In a hyper-connected world, unemployed individuals often find themselves comparing their journeys to those of their peers. The accomplishments and successes of others can amplify feelings of inadequacy and fuel a sense of injustice.

The constant exposure to carefully curated social media profiles can exacerbate these emotions, leading to a distorted perception of their own progress.


The journey of an unemployed jobseeker is often an arduous one, marked by a rollercoaster of emotions, uncertainties, and personal introspection.

Most of us empathize with jobseekers because we’ve all been there.

The rest of us are just dead inside! 😐

Sending positive vibes to #jobseekers everywhere 💜


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