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The skill needed to live in the present moment!


The moment you wake up in the morning, you hear that inner voice chatting away constantly.

You are constantly inundated by that voice, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

The inner voice:

• Judges

• Assumes

• Speculates

• Commentates

The inner voice:

• Wants

• Dislikes

• Complains

• Compares

• Questions

The mind constantly worries or seeks fulfillment.

It replays thoughts, events and memories.

(Usually the REALLY bad ones)

It is f**king chaotic.

A large number of people remain in this state of 'mindlessness'.

It’s no way to live.

It leads to suffering.

Mindfulness is the opposite of Mindlessness.

It's about moving away from automatic thinking and being fully present in the moment.

• Being deliberate in focusing our attention.

• Practicing Non-Judgmental Awareness

• Watching your thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in them.

Can you do that?

Imagine you're a quiet observer.

Like a hidden part of you that just watches.

Don't take your thoughts too seriously.

Don’t believe everything they say.

When you do this your thoughts and emotions lose their power over you and you feel free.

➡️ You are free!

If your mind starts labeling things, treat those thoughts like passing clouds in the sky.

Don't hold onto them.

Use your power to push them far away.

➡️ You are already empowered!

Mindfulness isn't about controlling or stopping your thoughts.

It's about being aware of them.

YOU already have everything you need!

Master your thoughts – control your life!

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