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The philosophy of Time Management (Audio Event Notes)

Time Management Tips (Audio Event August 3rd 2023)
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“How can you manage your time to make your life more meaningful?”

The books with tools, tips and tricks were all written by consultants and fail to ask the most important question: “Why do you need to manage your time?”

Money buys you time so:

• You could spend with my family

• You could keep a roof over our heads

• You could send your kids to college

Let’s go deeper!

Lucius Seneca wrote about the philosophy of time management.

Viewing time as money:

How much money is a lot?

Is it $100 000, $1 000 000?

Is that even enough?

I would say that the answer actually lies within the person who carries it and not within the money itself.

When we have a certain amount of money, we have to choose where to invest it. (stocks, business, bank)

We can invest money in ways that brings us more wealth or joy.


We can invest money in ways that bring us less wealth or joy.

Because of this, it’s hard to say how much money is a lot.

For a person who doesn’t know how to wisely invest their money, no amount will be enough.

They’ll never accumulate wealth or find joy because they spend it poorly.

Time is the same way. 😉

A good investor can always make the most out of any amount of time.

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