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The 4 Letters That Revolutionized the Way I Write Emails

Have you ever received an email that seemed to go on and on, with no clear point in sight? It's enough to make anyone's eyes glaze over, and it's a surefire way to ensure your email gets sent straight to the trash folder.

That's where BLUF comes in - the Bottom Line Up Front.

This military-inspired tactic is all about getting to the point right away, so that your recipient knows exactly what you're asking of them.

So, how do you write a BLUF email?

It's simple, really. Start with a clear subject line that tells your recipient exactly what your email is about. Then, in the very first sentence of your email, get straight to the point.

Some quick tips -

➡ Make that subject line count

The Subject Line is Your First Impression!

Nail it with Clear, Actionable Language that Leaves ZERO Room for Confusion.

↔ INFO – No Need to Reply, Sit Back and Enjoy the Info.

↔ DECISION – This Request Comes with a Decision-Making Deadline

↔ ACTION – Means recipient needs to act (time sensitive in nature)

↔ SIGN – Put Your Signature Here, Please!

↔ REQUEST – Seeks approval or permission by the recipient.

↔ COORD – Means there needs to be coordination by the recipient


Email example -

Subject: ACTION – Permission to renew your contract

Hello Tom,

Bottom Line: Your contract is due for renewal at the end of this month. Can we proceed with a legal review or update?

Background: We addressed your concerns in our previous meeting, but we didn't hear back from your team.

Keeping this under your radar just to make sure. Thank you for your help!

Voila!!! 🙌

Remember, like pears, writing business emails requires a delicate balance: just the right amount of consistency to grab their attention, but not so much that you leave them feeling mushy. 😁

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