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Retain Top Talent and Attract the Best with a Winning Upskilling Strategy

To keep your talent from jumping ship and attract new stars with the right stuff, it's crucial to focus on upskilling.

Workers are feeling pretty shaky about their careers lately, what with economic turmoil, layoffs, and shrinking wages. To put their minds at ease and hold on to them, companies need to provide opportunities for developing new skills.

According to a study by Amazon and Workplace Intelligence, 74% of young workers may leave their jobs because of a lack of opportunities for skill building.

Meanwhile, many employees are worried they don't have the chops to get ahead and feel totally unprepared for the future of work.

↔ So how can organizations keep their teams sharp and engaged?

Start by assessing business objectives and identifying specific actions that will help them meet their goals. Then, figure out which of your current employees have the skills and potential to get those initiatives off the ground. Document the skills you have, the ones you want, and the ones you'll need down the line.

If you find that you need to fill some skill gaps, consider investing in your existing staff before rushing to hire new blood. Not only does this show your team you're invested in their growth, but it brings the right expertise to your company.

And if you do need to bring in outside help, think about working with contingent talent to get the job done. By taking a skills-first approach, you can foster a collaborative culture that encourages creativity and innovation while increasing job satisfaction and retention.

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