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One Thing About Those Tables Is That They Always Turn!

There was a contact of mine who was unemployed a year ago!

We used to bump into each other at the gym, where she’d complain about her job hunt from hell.

I’m talking about ghosting, rejection, bias and communication disasters. You name it, she went through it all.

Well, guess what?

Last week, I bumped into her again while she was walking her adorable golden, and get this — she joined a start-up as a tech recruiter nine weeks ago!

Naturally, I couldn’t help but crack a joke. “Ah, so now you get to fix all the broken bits of the hiring process, huh?” 😂


The poor thing had a laundry list of excuses: not enough resources, sticking to protocols, not wanting to rock the boat, and the good old “not enough time in the day” excuse.

I understood her side of it though. She needed the job!


Listen, I get it. I’ve been a victim of the hiring process gone wrong myself. Believe me, I could unleash a string of horror stories if you wanted.

But here’s the thing: Are we really going to target the recruiters (the low hanging fruit) as the way to solve this mess?

The truth is, the hiring process has been busted for ages. The only difference now is social media. We are able to vent about it publicly!

We NEED to hold those organizations accountable, not just point fingers at the recruiters.

Here is how we do it -

Tiny Fish, Big Ripples?

Remember those little pebbles we used to toss into ponds as kids, marveling at the ripples they created?

Well, the business world is no different! As we rise to influential positions, our actions create ripples that extend far beyond our immediate circles.

The decisions we make, the values we uphold, and the initiatives we champion have the potential to rock the entire industry including recruiting.

Now, I’m not talking about starting an all-out rebellion (although that could be interesting 🤣). We’re talking about asserting yourself with style, wit, and a touch of finesse.

Pushing back a little in the workplace doesn’t have to be a confrontational affair.

It could be: One clear process One SOP One communication tool One “culture add” rule

Start small!

With great power comes great responsibility, or so the saying goes.

Once we wield influence in the business world, you have a duty to use it wisely or NOT.

In which case it WILL come back to bite you in the ass.

It always does! 😉

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