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New Job? Here’s How You Can Be Productive!

Picture this — you’re the new kid, feeling a bit disoriented and lacking that secret sauce for maximum efficiency.

We’ve all been there, right?

Those nagging doubts start to creep in!

Am I doing well enough?

What does my manager really think of my progress?

It’s tempting to put in those extra hours, working late into the night, just to create the illusion of effort.

We hope that by burning the midnight oil, we’ll dazzle our manager with our dedication and somehow squeeze out a little extra productivity.

But that approach is WRONG!


Here’s the truth — toiling away endlessly won’t transform you into a productivity wizard.

No amount of late nights will magically make you Usain Bolt in the race of learning.

In fact, those long hours will likely lead to burn-out!

And guess what? Even after all that effort, your manager might just give you the side-eye, wondering why you’re working so hard but not producing the desired results. Ouch!


Believe me when I say this, you’re essentially setting yourself up for a cycle of unreasonable work expectations especially when you have a mediocre manager who starts assuming you’re available 24/7.

It’s time to set some boundaries from the get-go and unless there’s a fire-breathing dragon chasing you, you won’t be extending beyond those hours.

So, what’s the real solution to your productivity puzzle?

It’s all about learning and receiving feedback.


Let’s break it down.

First, acknowledge that you have two main challenges:

↔ There’s a lot to learn, and it’s overwhelming not knowing where to start.

↔ Due to the first challenge, you find it difficult to demonstrate your productivity to your manager.


So here is what you do -

On Fridays, as you reflect on your week, take a moment to jot down everything you’ve learned. Capture those aha moments. Then, consider what you need to learn in the upcoming week.

When Monday rolls around, send an email to your manager, sharing what you wrote on Friday.

Let them know about your progress and include a simple yet powerful question: “What’s missing?”

This approach opens the door for your manager to provide feedback on areas where you can improve and expand your knowledge.

And here’s the beauty of it, if you find yourself stuck on a particular task, take a break and dive into learning something else from your list.


By following this process, you’ll achieve three essential outcomes:

↔ You’ll show your manager that you’re not slacking off. They’ll see your commitment to learning and growing.

↔ Your progress will be tracked, and you’ll receive valuable feedback. This feedback loop will help you refine your skills and stay on the right track.

↔ Most importantly, you’ll learn the right things faster, enabling you to be more productive in your role.

It’s about finding the right balance and collaborating effectively with your manager.

You’re welcome 😉


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