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Different Song — New Perspective!

Once there was a young individual plagued by vocal challenges. Let me explain! Every Wednesday we had choir singing at my grandparents’ place. I came from a very religious background and was part of a group along with two of my aunts. We and the others would be invited to sing at religious events. But whenever I attempted to sing the most awful sound would emerge. Every time the other members would engage in singing, I could only listen with envy.

Consequently, I became a target of jokes and mockery. It wasn’t bullying but playful banter but it bothered me all the same.


One melancholic day, while feeling alone and dejected, I unexpectedly encountered a well-known singer at a function who shared these words:

“Forget about being the best. Forget about the prescribed steps taught to you. Forget about the people. Think about something that makes you happy and allow your vocal cords to move naturally. And don’t forget to sing the songs that you love!” This guy talks weird I thought to myself.

Does he even know I’m 7 years old? 🤣


Nevertheless, I listened and followed his instructions.

It was a rare occasion when someone genuinely showed care, a precious occurrence that happened sparingly throughout my life. And indeed, without fixating on the words or the people, I gracefully sang my first song. In life, when you find yourself “out of place” and facing setbacks, it does not imply inadequacy. It doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective, a new tune, some external belief — to recalibrate and try again! PS My singing skills got so good I was invited to sing at a religious festival (see photo)


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