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Demanding Better Than Vanilla on LinkedIn Or Any Platform!

In my caffeine-fueled quest for coffee, I stumbled upon a hidden gem in Orange County California.

The name of the coffee shop alone had me at ‘hello.’ Marketing done right! 🙌

I strutted in confidently, only to find the interior was just as eccentric as the name suggested.

No boring ‘vanilla’ vibes here.. I will remember! I will recommend! I will come back!

That brings me to my next point. Vanilla content — Unexciting, lukewarm and utterly forgettable.

And yet, it’s everywhere.

But why is this?

Are we all just so risk-averse that we’re afraid to try anything new?

Are we so afraid of offending someone that we’ve resorted to blandness? Or is it simply that vanilla content is just so darn easy to produce? To be clear even I am VERY guilty of this sometimes.


Now, some may argue that vanilla content has its place. That sometimes, a little bit of blandness is exactly what’s needed. Fair point!

We are all on social media for various reasons and there is a real pressure to maintain a “professional” image. I get it! I struggle with this too. But here’s the thing: there’s a difference between simple and boring.

Just because something is easy to understand doesn’t mean it has to be tedious.

Repeating the same old tricks may have worked for Jack and Jill, but in the real world of business and life, it’s a one-way ticket to irrelevance.

A social media content creator is an individual who creates and shares content intended to educate or ENTERTAIN an audience.

Sooooo, are you aiming to build a flash in the pan or a shining legacy?

And is LinkedIn a TRUE creator platform? I don’t think it is!


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