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A Leader Doesn’t Motivate People!

A leader HIRES motivated individuals and INSPIRES them to achieve greatness.

There is a difference 😉


Inspiration versus Motivation

It’s like being a matchmaker for passion and purpose. The best leaders create an atmosphere that inspires people to do their best and stay engaged, making them feel like superheroes with capes of creativity and purpose.

Motivation is like a cup of coffee that gets you going in the morning, while inspiration is like a never-ending supply of energy drinks that fuel you for life. (no offence to coffee 😀)

Inspiration comes from within, while motivation often relies on external factors like rewards or competition.

Both motivation and inspiration are important for personal growth and finding our purpose. They push us to take action and make changes in our lives.

However, inspiration is the wind that propels us forward, while motivation can sometimes feel like a burden we have to carry.


Example of Motivation

You’ve entered a pizza making contest. You are on a quest to conquer the ultimate pizza-making challenge and nab the coveted first place trophy.

With last year’s pineapple fiasco (🤮) still haunting you, you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen, perfecting a new recipe that’ll have the judges and your loved ones drooling in awe.

Armed with only the freshest organic ingredients, you’re determined to slice through the competition and prove once and for all that your pizza reigns supreme! The pressure is on to be THE BEST! (external factor)


Example of Inspiration

A family friend took you to a new museum. You see all these beautiful paintings and remember how you used to love to paint as a child.

Later that afternoon, you unbox your old brushes and start to paint whatever you’d like, making you genuinely happy inside. Who knew a trip to the museum could ignite a dormant passion within you? (internal factor)

Whether you’re motivated to practice your pizza making skills or inspired to paint like Picasso, both demand creativity and attention to detail.

Because when it comes to achieving our dreams and aspirations, motivation and inspiration are two sides of the same coin.


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